Author: Dr. Rhea Sharma

Dr. Rhea Sharma with dual degrees in Public Health and Medical Journalism and currently practicing as a physician, has become a respected voice in the health sector. She offers expert insights into a wide array of health issues, making her articles a trusted source of general health information.

Thailand’s health and environmental sectors are bustling with developments that capture both the challenges and strides in public health, sustainability, and medical innovation. The nation is navigating through an array of health-related issues, from the continued vigilance against COVID-19 to groundbreaking studies in medical science, highlighting the dynamic nature of Thailand’s commitment to health and well-being. COVID-19, despite the global downturn in cases, remains a pertinent issue in Thailand with a reported increase in infections. This uptick has prompted health authorities to stress the importance of timely antigen testing, especially given the rise of new variants within the country. The…

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